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Smile Makeover

Complete smile makeovers are perfect for anyone who wants to completely change the look of their smile.The smile makeover plans at Oasis Family Dental focus on every aspect of a person’s smile, allowing them to achieve the look they have always wanted. We offer full support for color enhancement, size and shape adjustments, teeth straightening, dental implants and more.

We consider many factors when providing a patient with a complete smile makeover. These factors include one’s facial structure, skin tone, gum tissue and lips. Before making any changes, we will sit down with the patient and ask them what they would like to improve about their smile. This helps us to ensure the best possible results every single time. Every smile makeover at our practice is designed to suit the patient’s unique needs, leaving them with a more pleasing smile that looks incredibly natural.

Tooth Color

Shiny white teeth are a symbol of youthfulness and strength. If you want to brighten teeth that have become darkened or yellowed over time, then look no further than our professional teeth whitening treatments. Just one procedure can leave your teeth up to eight shades whiter, greatly improving the overall look of your smile. Your brightened teeth will still appear natural, and they will certainly stand out for the right reasons.

Alignment and Spacing

Teeth that are misaligned and uneven can detract from any smile, while large gaps and excessive crowding problems are hard for others to look past. Fortunately, these issues can often be corrected using simple treatment methods such as veneers or orthodontics. After your teeth have been straightened and evened out, you will be that much closer to achieving the perfect smile.

Damaged or Missing Teeth

Any smile can become ruined by teeth that are lost or damaged. Chipped and cracked teeth result in an unsightly appearance, while gaps created by missing teeth are difficult for others to ignore. By using veneers and dental implants, we can repair these damages and restore the appearance of your smile. Once we have finished making the corrections, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous smile that you deserve.

If you would like to learn more about the complete smile makeovers offered at Oasis Family Dental, please call us at (201) 338-5138 to schedule an appointment.

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