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Halitosis Treatment


A surprisingly large number of people experience halitosis, an oral health issue that is more commonly known as bad breath. The issue is typically the result of odor-causing bacteria that has been trapped inside the mouth for a long period of time. Common locations for such bacteria include deep between the teeth, on the tongue and below the gum line.


Many people who experience halitosis attempt to deal with the problem on their own by using gum, mints or mouth rinses; however, these remedies will do nothing more than mask the issue, keeping the unpleasant breath lurking in the background. Unlike these cover-ups, our professional treatment methods will work to eliminate the problem completely so that you can truly enjoy fresh, pleasing breath.

When dealing with halitosis, we typically start with a professional teeth cleaning. This treatment is highly effective in removing oral bacteria and reducing unpleasant odors. We may also conduct a tongue scraping, which can be particularly beneficial when the individual’s tongue is the direct source of the offensive bacteria.

Halitosis may also be a tell-tale sign of periodontitis; a condition also referred to as gum disease. Our practice offers a wide variety of treatment methods to restore the health and appearance of the individual’s gums and to remove any harmful build-ups that are present. By eliminating these unwanted accumulations of bacteria, tartar and plaque, it is very possible that foul breath may quickly improve. Any patient who is believed to be suffering from periodontitis will be directed to treatment as soon as possible, as the condition can quickly become more serious if it is left untreated.

In order to prevent halitosis from occurring, a person should make sure to brush and floss their teeth regularly and to receive complete dental checkups twice every year. They should also make sure that they are using the correct brushing and flossing methods whenever they clean their teeth. Our experts will typically review standard brushing and flossing techniques with any patient who is experiencing ongoing halitosis.

If you are suffering from halitosis and you want to eliminate your bad breath once and for all, please call us at (201) 338-5138 to schedule an appointment.


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