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Crowns And Bridges Specialist

Niyati Sheth, DDS -  - General, Cosmetic and Family Dentist

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Niyati Sheth, DDS

General, Cosmetic and Family Dentist located in Maywood, NJ

Millions of men and women have used crowns and bridges to restore their smiles. At Oasis Family Dental in Maywood, New Jersey, Niyati Sheth, DDS, routinely performs procedures for placing both crowns and bridges. These restorations help improve your oral health and enhance the appearance of damaged or missing teeth. Both crowns and bridges closely resemble the shape, shade, and size of natural teeth. To learn more, call the office or book a consultation online today.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is a protective cap that Dr. Sheth uses to improve the appearance and protect damaged teeth or, in some cases, altogether replace a missing tooth. They’re generally made of durable porcelain and can be made to resemble the shape, shade, and size of your natural teeth. 

Crowns can be attached to implants or bonded onto what remains of your existing natural tooth. They’re an excellent restorative option with a host of oral health and aesthetic benefits. 

What is a bridge? 

A bridge is a permanently fixed restoration Dr. Sheth uses to replace a tooth or several teeth entirely missing from your smile. A bridge is made up of highly natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are used to “bridge” gaps in your smile. 

Bridges can either be bonded onto surrounding teeth that act as anchors to keep the bridge in place, or they can be securely attached to implants for added support. 

How does a procedure for a crown or bridge work? 

A procedure for either a crown or a bridge begins with Dr. Sheth preparing your teeth. First, she numbs your tooth with a local anesthetic, then uses special dental instruments to slightly file down your teeth to make room for either a crown or bridge. If you’re getting an implant-supported crown or bridge, this won’t be necessary. 

When you get a crown, Dr. Sheth prepares the tooth to receive the crown. When you get a bridge, she prepares the teeth on either side of the gap.  

Next, she uses impression material to take an impression of your mouth. The office sends the impression to a lab that designs your crown or bridge according to Dr. Sheth’s detailed specifications. Generally, it takes about one or two weeks for the lab to finish your crown or bridge. 

Once your permanent crown or bridge is ready, you’ll come back in for another appointment so Dr. Sheth can bond it to your smile with dental cement. 

What are the benefits of crowns and bridges? 

There are several benefits when it comes to getting a crown or a bridge to improve the appearance of damaged or missing teeth. Some of these include: 

  • Improving your bite force
  • Preventing neighboring teeth from shifting into gaps
  • Enhancing facial volume 
  • Improving speech, chewing, and digestion issues

To learn more about crowns and bridges, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheth today at Oasis Family Dental by calling the office or booking an appointment online.